DANRHO Judo Uniform T-Oriental white or blue 850 g

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DANRHO Judo Uniform T-Oriental white or blue
Middle weight competition and/or training uniform made of 100% cotton with a compactly cut. Jacket is double woven and made of 850g/m2 with reinforcements on chest and shoulders. The collar is ideal for training purposes as it is thinner and stronger as on our single weave uniforms but still very comfortable to grip. The uniform features reinfor- cements on chest, shoulder area and knees. Special fea- ture: One piece jacket with no back seems. Pants come with drawstring waistband. The jacket features the original DANRHO shoulder patches. Without back seam. Judo Uniform white, with shoulder patches.

Material: 100% Cotton
Colours: white, blue
Sizes: 150 – 180 cm

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